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By gaining crystal clarity in your life, it opens the doors so you can focus and follow through to create a lifestyle you are worthy of.

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The Inner Voice

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A Limited Resource

Want to the live the time of your life? Invest your most precious non-renewable resource and enjoy the process of doing so.

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You Might Have a Big But If…

You constantly rationlize the reasons, or the excuses, or really, the BIG BUTS why you’re unable to create a lifestyle that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Buts are everywhere and unless you get a handle on them, they will keep you spinning your wheels, unable to accomplish your goals. Don’t permit excuses to permeate your life. You are worthy of creating a lifestyle by design. Claim a copy of your book right now here. Imagine Your... read more

Has Your Imagination Become Rusty?

EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 4: PREDICT YOUR FUTURE BY IMAGINING IT The most exciting way to predict your future is to create it.  As a child, it is highly likely that you dreamed what your life would be like when you grew up.  You had a vivid imagination throughout your childhood and daydreaming meant the world to you during that time. Somehow, along life’s journey, imagination became less and less important, yet it is one of our mental faculties and the foundation of all that we want to be, do and have. Your thoughts and ideas are the result of your wonderful imagination.  I sincerely believe that the non-use of imagination can be considered one of the great tragedies of adulthood.  As we cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood, we have a tendency to leave our creativity behind. We accept the role of being a responsible adult and slowly forget about the exciting dreams and plans we had as children. Has your imagination disappeared completely to the point where you no longer know what you want?  Perhaps your day-to-day obligations of adulthood have held your imagination hostage. Fortunately, your dreams and desires are still buried inside you and they are longing to be released and make you proud. If you randomly ask one hundred people what they want, you will be surprised at how many cannot rattle off with conviction what exactly they want. It is because having a lack of clarity causes you to miss opportunities, which may be right under your nose.  These very opportunities can pave the way toward helping you get what you want because,... read more

Get Results Even If You’re Afraid

EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 3: LIONS, AND TIGERS AND BEARS, OH MY! Several big buts are formed because of the fears we have, whether real or imagined.  These can be a fear of the future, fear of change, fear of looking stupid, or a myriad of other fears.  Many people are desperate, frustrated and frightened because they live with imaginary pictures of themselves and their view of the world, rather than realizing and accepting their true nature. At one time or another, fear is a constraint that everyone experiences in varying degrees.  The paralyzing effect, which is produced by fear, causes millions of well-meaning people to be reluctant to do anything new or to stretch beyond what they are used to doing. Despite how much pain and suffering these people are currently experiencing, and as much as they may be reluctant to admit it, they are comfortable with the status quo because the thought of the unknown, or making a change is simply too great a risk for them. They settle for the life they know rather than risk the unknown.  At the forefront of several reasons why we feel we can’t do something or we put it off for “someday” is the fear hiding inside us.  I was fearful that my high school English teachers would be going through my book and highlighting my grammatical errors with that dreaded red pen.  I had an unrealistic vision that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to be an author. Nonetheless, this is one of the fears that so many people, especially women, have of not being good enough.  Countless girls... read more

Bye Bye, Big Buts

Now is the perfect time to UPLEVEL your lifestyle. No more excuses, no more reasons, it’s time to get off your Buts!