Hartford, CT – October 23, 2011 – Are you one of the millions of people intimidated by the new iPhone?  You may be fearful of modern day technology and long for things the way they use to be.

Unfortunately, the smart phone genie is out of the bottle and this may be the perfect opportunity to overcome your technological big but.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock! Your internal clock is telling you time is running out.  The time is here for you to live life on your terms. Fear, bad habits, frustrations and even anxiety are often the cause of many people not achieving their greatness in life.

To remedy this, Michelle Greene announces the release of her debut book, “No More Big Buts  – 7 Transformational Steps to Banish Excuses From Your Life.” http://www.nomorebigbuts.com

For many people, excuses can be easily rationalized.  They don’t have valid reasons for not pursuing a dream. They have listened to other people’s opinions and fears instead of believing in themselves and “going for the gold”.

You may have resigned yourself to a limiting belief that you are not worthy and your best years are behind you! This is not TRUE. As a matter of fact, accept that the best years of your life are ahead of you, regardless of your age”, noted Greene.

From chapter 1, Michelle takes the reader on a familiar journey of making a New Year’s resolution and how often these are unfulfilled. What people have misunderstood is that oftentimes when setting a New Year’s resolution or goal for yourself, it requires CHANGE. Greene states “Change is optional. When people are setting goals, they are committed to the outcome; however, they do not like the process it takes to reach the desired outcome”.

The 7 transformational steps to banish the excuses in your life begin with taking responsibility and ending with implementation and action. No More Big Buts is truly a blueprint to take control of the success clock that is nagging you day in and day out. You don’t have to feel as if your life is a complete déjà vu year after year. Claim your free book bonuses at http://www.nomorebigbuts.com

Michelle is available for interviews at www.michellegreene.com/support