One of the most rewarding things that can happen to you is to see the physical equivalent of once was just a thought or an idea in your mind.

Today, I’m PATIENTLY waiting to see the physical equivalent – the book, my book, No More Big Buts!

The anticipation is building.  I had plans to do some errands today, but after a quick glance from the tracking website, I can see the book is “out for delivery”.  Until then, I’m housebound. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve, excitedly counting down the hours for Santa to make his appearance, or in this case, the UPS driver to deliver my book.

What types of dreams have you packed away that stops your from living your ideal life ?  The premise of No More Big Buts is that you have the power to recreate the lifestyle you envision once you banish the excuses that you’ve been clinging onto.

Today, I encourage you to think about your big buts.  Let’s identify them and banish them together.  You can download the free companion video as a preview to what you’ll learn in the book.

Go ahead now and watch the video and put an end to your big buts.