The most exciting way to predict your future is to create it.  As a child, it is highly likely that you dreamed what your life would be like when you grew up.  You had a vivid imagination throughout your childhood and daydreaming meant the world to you during that time.
Somehow, along life’s journey, imagination became less and less important, yet it is one of our mental faculties and the foundation of all that we want to be, do and have.
Your thoughts and ideas are the result of your wonderful imagination.  I sincerely believe that the non-use of imagination can be considered one of the great tragedies of adulthood.  As we cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood, we have a tendency to leave our creativity behind.
We accept the role of being a responsible adult and slowly forget about the exciting dreams and plans we had as children.

Has your imagination disappeared completely to the point where you no longer know what you want?  Perhaps your day-to-day obligations of adulthood have held your imagination hostage.

Fortunately, your dreams and desires are still buried inside you and they are longing to be released and make you proud.

If you randomly ask one hundred people what they want, you will be surprised at how many cannot rattle off with conviction what exactly they want.

It is because having a lack of clarity causes you to miss opportunities, which may be right under your nose.  These very opportunities can pave the way toward helping you get what you want because, when you have clarity, it is powerful and life altering.

Getting clear on what you want will magically position you to be in control of how you live your life.

Being overwhelmed and confused occur when you consistently give off unclear intentions and vibrations.  The universe is willing to give you everything your heart desires, but you must first know exactly what it is you want.

What you desire to create and have must be crystal clear.  You can use clarity to construct a path to the destination of your choosing.

How can imagination play a prominent part in helping you design the future you envision?  Imagination is simply daydreaming about what is possible.  It is not about determining if something is right or wrong, but simply the idea of how it can potentially transform your life.

It’s a new day and the time has come for you to imagine your possibilities.  A huge reason why people don’t get what they want is because they do not have a system of accountability.

My husband Sam is a volunteer firefighter and his fire company uses a pair of accountability tags, which include his identification details and are clipped to his outer firefighter gear.

Upon leaving the fire truck, protocol requires Sam to remove one tag and leave it with the lieutenant or the captain, who, in turn, leaves it with the driver.  Upon returning, Sam retrieves his accountability tag from the fire truck driver.

This way, the incident commander can quickly glance at the tags to determine those firefighters for whom he has not yet accounted.

When you lack a system of accountability for your goals and dreams, it is doubtful whether you will work on them earnestly to make them a reality.  I tell my sisters that, left to their own devices, they are a pushover.

To banish YOUR big buts, it’s time to step up and play a big game.  Incorporate accountability as part of your strategy to help you realize the plans you develop.

Being accountable to someone else keeps you focused and on the straight and narrow.  This is especially true when you have a task that needs to be completed and is boring or difficult.

You don’t really want to look like a pushover or someone who is not impeccable with your word, so you’ll do what it takes to complete your task.

Success is a term that is elusive and extremely subjective.  Its cousins, prosperity and abundance mean completely different things to each individual.  Have you ever taken the time to define what success means to you?

Carve time out to define your personal definition of success.  Unless you do so, you may end up living by someone else’s definition of success.

Earl Nightingale, who is considered the father of the personal development movement, had a great definition of success.  He said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

Any person who is working toward a worthy ideal is a success.  She knows why she gets up every morning and she knows what she wants to accomplish in life.

According to Mr. Nightingale’s elegant definition of success, most people sense that they are unsuccessful.  He called the world’s most unsuccessful game follow the follower.

This is when we conform to the world’s ideals and viewpoints, which may contribute to why we fail to achieve what we want.

The first step in predicting your future is to imagine it. 

You have always had the gift of imagination and you can use it to recreate a lifestyle you thought was only possible for others.

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